The box score is the portion of an ["NGS"] ["datasheet"] that lists the distances and directions to ["reference mark"]s or other ["station"]s. An example of a box score is shown below:

 LY0776| PID    Reference Object                     Distance      Geod. Az  |
 LY0776|                                                           dddmmss.s |
 LY0776| LY2624 BRANCHVILLE NORMANOCK LOT           APPROX. 8.3 KM 0194744.6 |
 LY0776| LY2899 DELENOY AZ MK                       APPROX. 2.3 KM 1154401.8 |
 LY0776| LY2629 NEWTON PRESBYTERIAN CH SPIRE        APPROX. 7.7 KM 1501043.7 |
 LY0776| LY2628 NEWTON MUNICIPAL TANK               APPROX. 7.5 KM 1561312.4 |
 LY0776| LY0777 DELENOY RM 1                         15.430 METERS 16336     |
 LY0776| LY0778 DELENOY RM 2                         13.198 METERS 23927     |

This example shows that the station had two reference marks and an ["azimuth mark"]. Directions to three other stations are also shown. The ["azimuth"] in the box score is always measured clockwise from north.