What is a Wiki?

A Wiki is a collaborative web site that allows easy modification. Anyone can contribute to the site by adding or editing articles. One of the most famous Wiki sites is Wikipedia.

There are many different software packages for wikis. This site uses the MoinMoin software. Each wiki software package has similarities with most other wikis, but there are also differences.

Using the Wiki - contribute to the knowledge here - add information, make corrections, and improve wording

Each page contains an "edit" link at the top. By clicking the link, you open a page editor that allows you to make changes to that page.

A wiki uses a simplified markup language to specify formatting and linking. Links are one of the most important things in a Wiki, because they provide the ability to navigate through the articles and access articles. See HelpOnEditing and SyntaxReference for an explanation.

To create a new article, you create a link to it on some existing page, such as the Glossary in this wiki, and then click on the link you made.

Example: in the Glossary, click on Edit(GUI), then after a comma between the words in the Glossary, type in a new term followed by a comma. Next, highlight the term you just typed in, then click the blue planet-and-chain-links icon, then in the "Page Name" box, type your term (replace any space with an underscore character) again, then click OK.

Any time you click on a link that points to an article that has not yet been created, a page will display that allows you to create the article. When this page is displayed, click on "Create new empty page" to start the new page.

The Home page of this wiki cannot be edited directly, except for the portion below the Places to Start header. You can modify that part of the page by editing the Home/PlacesToStart page.

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