The most important aspect of what kind of log or recovery report to make is determining whether you have found the correct mark.

If are looking for a disk and have found one:

First look at the ["datasheet"] and read the [:designation:Designation] field. For example, the designation shown on the datasheet is: CREEK.

If you are looking for a water tower and have found one in the right place:

Read the datasheet carefully to note the description of the water tower, and the first date the water tower was reported or established as a survey mark. For example, the datasheet says the water tower has 4 legs, has a cone shaped top, and was monumented in 1931.

If you are looking for a non-disk item such as a bolt in a drill hole:

Be sure to read the entire datasheet carefully. Sometimes an older type of mark will be replaced by a disk but the datasheet will still indicate the older type of mark in the Marker Type or MARKER field. If the type of mark has officially changed, the change will be noted in one of the recovery reports, and the new type described in that recovery report. If there is no change in the type of mark indicated in any of the recovery reports, you must not assume a change in the type of mark.