Distance Measures


4 poles or rods, or 22 yards, or 66 feet, or 1/80 of a mile.

Statute Mile

5,280 U.S. survey feet, or approximtely 1.6 km.

U.S. Survey Foot

12 inches, or 12/39.37 meter exactly, or approximately 30.480061 cm.

International Foot

30.48 cm. exactly.

U.S. Inch

approximately 2.54 cm

Rod, Perch, Pole

16.5 feet


approximately 33 inches. This unit is found in the Southwest U.S. where Spanish land boundaries were measured in this unit. It's exact length varies from region to region. In California, a vara is 33 inches. In Texas, a vara is 33-1/3 inches.


330 feet, or 5 chains