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Distance Measures


4 poles or rods, or 22 yards, or 66 feet, or 100 links, or 1/80 of a mile.


1/100 of a chain, or 0.66 feet, or 7.92 inches.

Statute Mile

5,280 U.S. survey feet, or approximtely 1.6 km. Also 8 furlongs, or 80 chains, or 320 rods, or 1760 yards.

Nautical mile

1,852 meters exactly, or approximately 6,076 feet, or approximately 1.15 statute mile. A nautical mile is approximately 1 minute of latitude on the earth's surface.

U.S. Inch

1/39.37 meter exactly, or approximately 2.54 cm, or 3 barley corns

U.S. Survey Foot

12 inches, or 12/39.37 meter exactly, or approximately 30.480061 cm.

International Foot

30.48 cm. exactly.

French Foot

1.06575 U.S. Survey Foot. This measure is encountered in Lousiana land titles.


180/30 French feet (30 toises = 180 French feet), or approximately 6.39 U.S. feet


30 toises, or 180 French feet, or approximately 192 U.S. feet. In rural Louisiana, an arpent is officially 191.994 feet. In urban Louisiana, an arpent is approximately 191.835 feet.

Rod, Perch, Pole

16.5 feet, or 25 links. This unit supposedly was defined in the 16th century as the length of the left feet of the first 16 men out of church on a certain Sunday. More likely it is a traditional unit of measure of Danish and German origins.


40 poles, or 660 feet, or 1/8 mile


330 feet, or 5 chains


approximately 33 inches. It is encountered in the Southwest U.S. where Spanish land boundaries were measured in this unit. Its exact length varies from region to region. In California, a vara is 33 inches. In Texas, a vara is 33-1/3 inches. In Florida, a vara is 33.372 inches.

Area Measures


43,560 square feet, or 4,840 square yards, or 10 square chains, or 1/640 square mile. Note that 10 acres is equivalent to a square 1/8 mile on each side, or one square furlong.

Square Rood

1/4 acre


10,000 square meters, or approximately 2.47 acres


177.14 acres


4,428.40 acres

Square mile

640 acres


approximately 0.85 acres. It is encountered in the south central U.S. where French land titles were measured in this unit. Its size varies from region to region. In Arkansas and Missouri it is 0.8507 acres. In Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida, it is 0.84625 acres. In Louisiana it is 0.845 acres


Approximately 1 square mile. A section is a unit of the U.S. Public Land Survey System (PLSS), and its size varies according to the local survey. See [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Public_Land_Survey_System PLSS article in Wikipedia].

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