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General notes:'

The ["NGS"] guidelines on writing a ["station"] ["recovery report"] are [http://www.ngs.noaa.gov/cgi-bin/ds_lookup.prl?Item=STATION%20RECOVERY here] (the referenced chapter 3 no longer exists). Whether or not you make station recovery reports on the NGS site, their guidelines are good ones to use, having evolved over a lot of time.

Recovery reports use the compass direction and distance from local features such as power poles, centerlines of roads, fire hydrants, and trees to the station.

Distances from features to the station can be reported in either meters or feet, but if feet are used, distances should be reported in tenths of feet, not inches.

  • If you find the station:

Carefully note the current ["datasheet"]'s information on how to find the station and compare it to the current situation. Differences to note and include in your recovery report are:

  • features mentioned in the current datasheet that no longer exist
  • new features in the immediate area that are permanent enough to use in finding the station
  • changes in names of streets, towns, building names, route numbers, power pole numbers
  • changes in witness posts
  • changes in the mark's elevation, positive or negative, compared to the local ground surface

Even if a station mark is obvious, pretend that it is covered with some grass or soil and then determine if enough information exists to find the mark by measuring distances from local features. If not, add new features with their direction and distance to the station.

If there are any reference marks, azimuth marks, or witness marks associated with the station and you find them, include these finds in your report, and report any changes regarding them. If you search for, and fail to find any of these associated marks, provide the details of your search. If there are associated marks described in your datasheet and you did not search for them for any reason, report that you did not search for them.

  • If you do not find the station:

In your report, list any features mentioned in the current datasheet that no longer exist. Provide any details that may serve to shorten the search time for the next person who searches for the mark.

If there are any ["reference mark"]s, ["azimuth mark"]s, or witness marks associated with the station, and you find them, include these finds in your report, including any changes from their description in the datasheet regarding them.

If you believe the station is destroyed, describe the findings that cause you to believe that.

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