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'''Source''': [http://earth.google.com/ Google Earth] '''Source''': [[http://earth.google.com/|Google Earth]]

Introduction: Google Earth is a free software for accessing satellite views of Earth online. With it, you can easily zoom, pan, and even get perspective side views at any angle. It will read both .gpx files and .loc files and show location marks for them.

Source: Google Earth

Usage Notes:

  • To open a .loc or .gpx file, click File, then Open, and select the file. The location marks will show on the screen and the list of marks will be shown in the left panel under Temporary Places, GPS Device, Waypoints.

  • To change the appearance of the location marks and their labels, in the left panel, click on "Waypoints", then right-click it. In the menu box that appears, select "Properties". The Google Earth Edit Folder window will appear, and in this window, click the "Style, Color" tab. Changing the color of the label to a bright blue gives it contrast against other labels on the map. To change the type of location mark, click the icon in the top right of the Google Earth Edit Folder window. The small round or square icons give a more precise location mark than the default icon and most of the others.

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