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["bearing tree"],

Glossary of Terms

[#A A] [#E B] [#E C] [#E D] [#E E] [#F F] [#G G] [#H H] [#I I] [#J J] [#K K] [#L L] [#M M] [#N N] [#O O] [#P P] [#Q Q] [#R R] [#S S] [#T T] [#U U] [#V V] [#W W] [#X X] [#Y Y] [#Z Z]

Anchor(A) ABR ["abutment"], ["azimuth"], ["azimuth mark"]

Anchor(B) BBR ["balustrade"], ["beacon"], ["bearing tree"], ["bench mark"], ["blaze"], ["BLM"], ["blue book"], ["boundary monument"], ["box score"], ["bridge anchorage"], ["bridge pier"]

Anchor(C) CBR ["CBL"], ["centerline"], ["CGS"], ["chain"], ["chiseled cross"], ["chiseled square"], ["concrete post"], ["control"], ["copper pin"], ["CORS"], ["cupola"]

Anchor(D) DBR ["datasheet"], ["datum"], ["deck"], ["differential leveling"], ["DOT"], ["drilled hole"]

Anchor(E) EBR ["elevation"]

Anchor(F) FBR ["flagging"]

Anchor(G) GBR ["geoid"], ["GPS"], ["gravity station"]

Anchor(H) HBR ["height of light"], ["horizontal control"], ["horizontal datum"]

Anchor(I) IBR ["intersection station"]

Anchor(J) JBR ["junction"]

Anchor(L) LBR ["Laplace station"], ["level line"]

Anchor(M) MBR ["magnetic station"], ["milepost"], ["monel"], ["monument"]

Anchor(N) NBR ["national grid"], ["NOAA"], ["NSRS"]

Anchor(O) OBR ["observation"], ["order"], ["orthometric height"]

Anchor(P) PBR ["PID"], ["pipe cap"], ["PLSS corner"], ["pole"]

Anchor(R) RBR ["rail"], ["recovery"], ["recovery report"], ["reference mark"], ["reset"], ["rivet"]

Anchor(S) SBR ["section angle"], ["SPC"], ["stability"], ["stack"], ["stamping"], ["standpipe"], ["station"], ["steel pin"], ["steeple"], ["surface mark"]

Anchor(T) TBR ["tidal station"], ["topping stone"], ["traverse station"], ["triangulation station"], ["trilateration station"]

Anchor(U) UBR ["underground mark"], ["USACE"], ["USGLO"], ["USGS"], ["USGS Quad"], ["UTM"]

Anchor(V) VBR ["vertical control"], ["vertical datum"], ["viaduct"], ["VLBI"], ["vortac"]

Anchor(W) WBR ["water table"], ["water tank"], ["water tower"], ["wing wall"], ["witness post"]

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