Introduction: [:FizzyCalc:?]FizzyCalc is a free windows-based software that supports the usual cut and paste functions. Its three primary functions are:

  1. format conversions of coordinates
  2. take a set of coordinates, and an ["azimuth"] and distance from those coordinates to a new point, and provide the coordinates of the new point
  3. take two sets of coordinates and determine the azimuth and distance between them

The second function is mainly useful in finding an ["azimuth mark"] from a ["triangulation station"] or occasionally vice versa. In a triangulation station's ["datasheet"], the ["box score"] will usually have the azimuth and distance from the main station to the azimuth mark. Since the distance to measure will generally be several hundred feet or more, it is more practical to use a GPS receiver to get close to the azimuth mark's position. When using a magnetic compass, be sure to correct for ["declination"].

Source: [ FizzyCalc]

Usage notes:

Geocalc will convert to and from these formats: DDD.DDDDD, DD MM.MMM, DD MM SS.SS, and UTM.

Equivalent input examples using DDD MM SS.SS format:

48 21 19.00, -099 59 57.00
N 48 21 19.00 W 99 59 57.00
48 21 19.00 N 99 59 57.00 W
N 48 21 19.00, W 99 59 57.00