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[:Equip-Comapss:Compass] [[Equip-Comapss|Compass]]
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[:Equip-Measure:Linear measuring equipment] [[Equip-Measure|Linear measuring equipment]]
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[:Equip-Probe:Benchmark Probe] [[Equip-Probe|Benchmark Probe]]
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[:Equip-DiskCleaning:Disk cleaning equipment] [[Equip-DiskCleaning|Disk cleaning equipment]]
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[:Equip-Data:Datasheets and data records] [[Equip-Data|Datasheets and data records]]
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[:Equip-Digging:Digging equipment] [[Equip-Digging|Digging equipment]]
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[:Equip-General:General hiking/walking equipment] [[Equip-General|General hiking/walking equipment]]
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[:Equip-Camera:Digital camera] [[Equip-Camera|Digital camera]]
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[:Equip-MetalDetector:Metal detector] [[Equip-MetalDetector|Metal detector]]

In order to hunt benchmarks effectively, a few special items should be carried. The following list is organized into separate pages so that the various types and modes of use can be described for each.


Linear measuring equipment

Benchmark Probe

Disk cleaning equipment

Datasheets and data records

Digging equipment

General hiking/walking equipment

Digital camera

Metal detector

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