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'''Source''': [http://www.easygps.com/ EasyGPS] '''Source''': [[http://www.easygps.com/|EasyGPS]]

Introduction: EasyGPS is a free software designed to read .loc and .gpx computer files, write .gpx computer files, and read and write waypoint information to and from GPS receivers. It has a split screen, and the map on the right side can be used for planning the order of benchmarks to search for.

Source: EasyGPS

Usage notes:

  • EasyGPS allows opening more than one file, with each filename showing on a separate tab.
  • To combine two files, do these steps:
    1. in one file tab, click Edit, then Select All
    2. click Edit, then Copy
    3. click the other file's tab to open it
    4. click Edit, then Paste. Now all the waypoints will be in this tab.
  • To get a Geocaching datasheet for a particular benchmark, click on the benchmark's waypoint row, right-click, and click "View Online".
  • While in the map's Zoom mode, hold down the Alt key to be in zoom-out mode.

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