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 * Note that POS_SRC indicates whether the mark is ["adjusted"] or ["scaled"].  * Note that POS_SRC indicates whether the mark's horizontal coordinates are ["adjusted"] or ["scaled"].

Introduction: DSWIN is free ["NGS"] software designed to read NGS .dat files of ["datasheet"]s and print user selected fields from the datasheets. It is a data mining tool. Generally .dat files containing all the datasheets of a county are downloaded from the NGS Yearly Archives [http://www.ngs.noaa.gov/cgi-bin/ds_archive.prl page]. The output of DSWIN can be imported into a spreadsheet program for sorting by the various fields and printing.

Source: The NGS PC Software [http://www.ngs.noaa.gov/PC_PROD/pc_prod.shtml page].

Usage notes:

  • Start DSWIN, close the disclaimer page, click File, then Disk, then select a .dat file that you downloaded from the NGS.
  • To initiate an output file:
    1. Click on File, then Save As, type a name in the File name box, click Save, click DSSELECT, and OK.
    2. Select the fields you want by clicking them in the "Available" box. A typical set of fields is: PID, DESIGNATION, USGS_QUAD, POS_SRC, MONUMENTATION, ALL REC_DATE.
    3. In the "Output" box, click "Include Header", "Single Line Only", and generally "Fixed Field". In the 3 "Delim" boxes, select the same delimiter, generally the vertical bar.
    4. Click OK
  • Note that POS_SRC indicates whether the mark's horizontal coordinates are ["adjusted"] or ["scaled"].
  • Note that ALL REC_DATE shows all the recovery dates including the monumentation date. This is good for finding the oldest marks.
  • Note that .dat files can be combined by using the DOS copy command in a DOS window. Example:
    • . copy madison.dat + lincoln.dat + river.dat three.dat
    • . will combine the .dat files for Madison County, Lincoln County, and River County into a new .dat file called three.dat

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