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[:RecoveryWriting:Guide to writing a good recovery report] [:RecoveryWriting:Guide to writing recovery reports]

[:FirstTime:Getting started with benchmark hunting]

[:Equipment:Benchmark hunting equipment]

[:IntersectionGuide:Guide to logging intersection stations]

[:RecoveryWriting:Guide to writing recovery reports]

[:MetalHunting:Hunting benchmarks with a metal detector]

[:ReferenceMain:Finding the main station from reference marks and vice versa]

[:photography:Benchmark photography for recovery reports (logs)]

[:Which Report:How to determine which to use: "Found it", "Didn't find it", "Write note", "Mark destroyed" (in a Geocaching log), "Good", "Not recovered, not found", "Poor, disturbed, mutilated, requires maintenance", "describe as destroyed" (in an NGS recovery report)]

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